What are the benefits of driven car deliveries?

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

When searching for car deliveries or car transportation, you are generally confronted with 2 options. You can either choose a driven car delivery service which means that your car is driven to its destination or you can have it transported on a transporter. Here, we explore the benefits of using the driven car delivery service.

Before we do this, let's make it clear that both options are good in their own different ways and it's more about under what circumstances and for what reason you are having your car transported. So before we dive into the benefits, let's look at some of the circumstances where you probably should NOT go for the driven car delivery method.

Why You should NOT use driven car deliveries

You are transporting a luxury car - Luxury cars are, well, expensive. The last thing you would want to do is rack up the mileage on a supercar that you just bought, or have sold to a customer. Luxury cars can also be more risky to drive on the road. Not everyone can safely drive them and there is more chance of damage from road debris. The likelihood of finding a delivery company with insurance to cover driven luxury car deliveries is also slim. Finally, the fuel costs can be excessive since the engine sizes are larger than normal cars. Watch that MPG!

Over 100 mile rule - If you are delivering a car to a customer then you won't want to use a driven delivery method if it's over 100 miles. Why? Well first of all, going such a distance incurs a greater risk of damaging it either mechanically or externally. Secondly, it has been found that customers intuitively don't like the idea of their new car being driven over 100 miles. It seems disrespectful and unreasonable considering there are other options out there (albeit more expensive).

If the maximum value of the vehicle exceeds £80,000 - Mathematically speaking, it just is not worth the risk of having someone drive a vehicle of this value to a customer. The chances of incurring some sort of damage to a vehicle of this value or over is not worth the risk. Having it transported via a transportation vehicle is by far the safer option in the long run.

The benefits of using driven car delivery services

Now that we have listed the circumstances of when driven car deliveries is not a good idea, let's look at all of the benefits of using the driven method over the transportation method.

Remember, this is in no way to diminish the importance of using car transporters in any way. Different settings call for different delivery options and it really does depend on the type of delivery and what your customers will perceive.

But without further delay, here are the main benefits of using driven car deliveries:

It's a cheaper option - Driven car delivery services start from 0.80p per mile but on average you will be looking at £1.20 per mile if you don't have a return vehicle plus fuel costs. Contrast that with a transporter which will cost at minimum £1.60 per mile and you get a much larger profit margin.

Driven deliveries are more flexible - Having your car delivered with a driver is far less hassle. Transporters are normally fully booked and you may have to wait weeks to have your car delivered to its destination. Alternatively, driven deliveries can be transported same day in many cases. This is perfect for businesses who need cars delivering on a deadline, it's even better if you have a specific date when the car needs to be delivered.

Less hassle and more personable - Having your car transported can be quite hectic. You will need to make sure the vehicle can be loaded safely in the area that it is and taking it off the transporter can prove troublesome for the customer if there isn't enough space. The driver of the transporter will likely want to be gone as soon as possible too since he will have so many cars to get through that day. With driven deliveries, the driver will only have a couple to deliver normally. They can simply pick up the keys and drive the car to its destination without the hassle of loading and unloading.

Driven deliveries are safer in harsh weather - Driving a car in torrential conditions is a lot safer than driving a transporter with a heavy car loaded onto it. Windy days can be daunting for the transporters whereas driving a car, while still dangerous is far easier by comparison. There is also less chance of the car being damaged if it's being driven on days when the weather is harsh.

Final Thoughts

Selecting the best delivery option for your business can be tough. We offer a full consultation to discuss what the best option is for your company. We deliver vehicles are not limited to driven delivers or transportation and it might be that a mixture of the two would be better.

Let us do the logistics for you. All you have to do is tell use the amount of cars you need delivering, the make and model of the car, and where they are being delivered to. Once we have this information, our team can decide the safest and cheapest delivery options for you while not compromising on the timing of deliveries.

Many companies wouldn't use driven deliveries for fear of looking less professional. We can assure you that all of our drivers are well dressed, well mannered and able to talk your customers through any concerns that they may have regarding the delivery of the car.

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