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Here at We Deliver Vehicles, our mission is to deliver vehicles from A to Z at the best possible prices available. While we do want to be as cheap as possible for our customers, we also want to make sure that the vehicle can be delivered safely and on time which is why we have a few different options for in our vehicle delivery quote options in order to match the customers expectations.

Before sending us a quote form or email, it may be in your interests to read this article as it explains the information we need from you in order for us to be able to quote you correctly the first time. We'll keep it short but informative, making our vehicle delivery quotation mechanism as effective as possible.

Vehicle Delivery Quotation Information Required

Which Type Of Vehicle Is Being Delivered?

Knowing what type of vehicle is being delivered will help us a great deal in helping you choose which transportation option would best suit your needs. If you have a car that needs delivering, we have a range of different delivery options available to you and it really depends on your budget and preference.

If it is a larger vehicle however, we may be more limited in what delivery option we can offer to our customers. This is the very first bit of information we will need in order to accurately quote for vehicle delivery.

Make & Model

With this information we can check the weight of the vehicle which will help us quote you accurately. Knowing the make and model of a vehicle, we can also check things like MPG. This can help us to pick the right option for you. For example if the vehicle being moved has high MPG then we are unlikely to go for the driven delivery method since it would be far more expensive than simply using a car transporter.

How Many Miles Is The Vehicle Going?

This is important because we can offer discount per mile for longer distance covered. On the other hand, we do have a minimum mileage of 80 miles and if your journey is less than that then we have a minimum charge fee whether you are moving your car 1 mile or 79 miles.

The longer the distance , the lower the per mile cost. We try to keep long distance deliveries as cheap as possible since the cost could easily rack up if left unchecked.

How Many Vehicles Do You Have For Us?

If you have more than one vehicle that needs moving, we will offer you a discount automatically. This is because you are giving us more work! Keeping us busy keeps us happy so we will want to keep you happy by offering further cost deductions.

Will You Be A Long Term Partner?

Following on from how many vehicles you have is whether or not you will be a regular customer of ours or not. If the answer is yes, then we will take a look at the costing very carefully. Depending on the amount of vehicles per week (or month) we will calculate a cost which you will be happy with.

Do You Have Returns?

The most surefire way to get a huge discount is to have a vehicle return. That is, to have a vehicle that needs delivering close to where we have just delivered one of your vehicles. So, for example, if we deliver a car from Manchester to London and you have a car in London waiting to be delivered to another location then you can expect a discount on both of those vehicles.

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