Trade Plate Vehicle Movements Across The United Kingdom

Trade Plate Vehicle Movement UK

Trade plate car and vehicle movement is one of the most popular ways of transporting vehicles from a to b across the UK. Many companies choose trade plate vehicle movement because they recognise its flexibility in comparison to other vehicle delivery methods. You can generally have the vehicle moved same or next day if you want to with a trade plate driver.

The other reason is cost related. You can use the trade plate driven delivery method for around 0.80p per mile including fuel costs. Contrast that with Choosing a car transporter at around £1.60 - £2 per mile and you have made a tidy saving on your vehicle delivery movements.

For these two reasons, companies will opt for the trade plate method of transportation. While it is not the best option in every case, there are many times that trade plate car delivery is an excellent option. So, what exactly is trade plate vehicle movements and is it a viable option for you? let's take a look.

What Is Trade Plate Driving

Trade plate drivers are council registered drivers who have had to apply to get their license plates. This license plate allows them to drive untaxed vehicles across the country temporarily. Without the trade plate, you could not drive a vehicle which was untaxed or not roadworthy without potentially losing the car.

The drivers are normally mature and highly experienced drivers who have paid out of their own pockets to receive the trade plate in order to drive vehicles from a to b. This means that they are, in essence, professional drivers.

Can You Drive Without Insurance With A Trade Plate License?

If you want to drive a car from a to b, you will still need insurance as well as the trade plate license. Normally trade plate drivers are added onto the company insurance so they won't have to worry personally about being insured.

Some trade plate drivers are self employed. If that's the case then they will need to have their own insurance policies in place. Make sure that they are covered for the right amount before using self employed drivers. They may have a lower value of insurance than a company could afford.

The self employed driver may be insured up to a value of 50,000 but perhaps it's a lamborghini you need delivering. Obviously then, if the driver takes the car then they are not insured to the right value of the vehicle.

Does A Trade Plate Driven Car Need To Have MOT?

The same rules apply as with any other car. Unless you are taking the vehicle to the garage to have it's MOT, you cannot drive the vehicle. This is another common myth about trade plate driving which can land people in a lot of trouble. Knowing the rules of the road are essential for trade plate vehicle movements.

Can Trade Plate Drivers Move Cars In Europe?

Absolutely. There is a slight misconception that cars and vehicles do not need to be taxed in European countries such as France and Spain so you won't need a trade plate. This is untrue. The authorities can check to see if your vehicle is taxed and MOT'd here in the UK and if it isn't then they can pull you over for it.

Always make sure that you take your trade plate license with you if you need to go to Europe to drop off a car. This will prevent any problems or fines that you could incur.

When Should You NOT Use Trade Plate Movement?

If Your Vehicle Is Not Road Worthy

If your car has failed its MOT, or has any obvious defects which would make it dangerous to drive, then, plainly, you won't be able to use driven deliveries. In this scenario, you will need to pay for a transporter or fix the vehicle before delivering it.

Having a non road worthy car or vehicle which needs transporting normally only happens after an accident, or the vehicle needs moving to another location for repairs before sale.

New Car Delivery

When transporting a new car to be delivered to one of your customers, the last thing you will want to do is use a trade plate driver. Why? well, because putting mileage on a new car is a very bad idea. The car can lose its value and the customers may complain if it is too much.

Usually it's a good idea to use a car transporter for new car deliveries unless the customer requests it specifically. Even offering it is a bad idea since the customer may not understand the full ramifications of doing so.

If You Are Moving A High Value Car Or Vehicle

Moving luxury cars, classic vehicles, or executive vehicles by trade plate driver is not really the best option. The risk of road accident or racking up too much mileage on the clock just isn't worth the hassle.

You could damage the bodywork on the paintwork easily which can costs thousands of pounds. Not to mention the risk of stone chips or headlight damage (Headlights alone in these kinds of vehicles cost a pretty penny). Covered car transport is probably the safest bet when transporting these kinds of vehicles.

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