New Car Home Delivery Options

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

New Car Home Delivery

New car home delivery can be a bit confusing for car sales companies and customers alike. After all, a new car can be a heavy investment for the customer as well as a huge profit for the seller. There are many pitfalls and if you're not careful, you could lose a huge chunk of the profit you would have gained from selling the car.

You will want to pick the right delivery option for the right circumstance. When it comes to used car delivery, you will likely be able to offer your customers a driven car delivery service (as long as the trip does not exceed 100 miles).

This won't be the case if you are selling a brand new car. It would be exceptionally disrespectful and wrong to drive a new car to your customer for a number of reasons:

Why You Should NEVER Drive A New Car To Your Customer

It Wouldn't be 'new' anymore

If you drive a new car to the customer without their permission, the car could no longer be classed as new. You have devalued the car and if the customer is not happy for any reason and they decide to return the car then you have just lost thousands of pounds in value of the car.

Even if the customer does agree, they may not have understood the impact that it was going to make on the value of the car. Just like in the shops, an item bought, unpackaged, used once and then returned has lost up to 40% if it's value. It's the exact same for cars but because of the numbers involved, even 10% can be a huge loss to your company.

If the car has done over 100 miles then a customer will automatically question whether or not the car is new. Considering the car will be transported from the manufacturer to you, test drives, and general movements around the dealership, the last thing you will then want to do is drive a new car to your customers risking an altercation surrounding the mileage. Very costly mistake indeed!

Risk Of Damage

Every time we drive a car, we risk damaging it. You may develop stone chips on the body work, hit some debris on the road or (worst case scenario) be involved in a road accident.

The risk of such incidents is even more likely in the winter and autumn months when the weather becomes less predictable and the roads aren't as safe than in the summer time.

Bringing a damaged car to your customer at the best of times is a bad idea. However, when they buy it from new it would a very bad idea indeed! You may be able to talk about a discount or offer to repair the damage for free but the customer will have every right to ask for a new one.

If that happens, you will then have to sell the car as used rather than new since it is now a customer return. Money down the drain!

Car Transportation Is The Best Method

Without a doubt, using the car transportation method is the safest and most reliable way to deliver a new car to your customer. This removes the risks involved in driving the car as well as ensures that excess mileage is not built up on the car to the point of it not being defined 'new' anymore.

There are a couple of different transportation methods you can use which we will go through. Having a good knowledge of how your new car home delivery is being completed will help you make the right decision when choosing the car delivery company as well as the method you wish them to carry out. We Deliver Vehicles offer a number of transport solutions which will ensure that your new car is transported properly.

New Car Delivery By Trailer

Car transportation by trailer is a great option for vehicle delivery companies to use when delivering new cars to their clients customers. It is safe as long as you use the right trailers (we recommend Brian James) and you can use many different cars and vehicles to tow the car.

Rather than being a first option, this should be an additional option for when you have a large backload of cars needing delivery. If you don't have any transporters available, there's no need to reject work. Using a trailer can be slower and requires more car when driving (especially in the bad weather) but it is a perfectly reasonable way to deliver a new carto the homeowner.

Using a Car Transporter

The most common way of delivering a new car to its owner is via car transporter. They are built for long distances and able to sustain large mileage with a heavy load. Unlike trailers which are more to be used when car transportation is not an option, car transporters are built to, well transport cars (who would have thought).

These are the bread and butter of car deliveries around the world. You might think that using trailers is cheaper than buying a car transporter but you would be dead wrong. Using trailers is not a long term solution. Many cars just aren't built to carry the weight of another car behind them and they will end up having to be replaced far more frequently than a car transporter would.

Covered Car Transportation

Finally, covered car transportation is usually an option that people take with high value vehicles. This includes luxury cars, classic cars, sports cars and more. The covered car transportation has a number of benefits over it's counterparts.

The first benefit is that the car is not subject to outside elements. Even when being transported on a transporter, you still risk debris hitting the car as well as it becoming dirty and scuffed. When the car is covered, the car will be delivered to the homeowner in pristine condition, a perfect option for sellers to give the best possible customer service.

When transporting high value cars, they can easily become a target of theft on the road (especially down country roads). If the car is covered then nobody can see what you are transporting. There is of course the argument that if you are using a covered transportation method then clearly, to a thief whatever's inside is valuable. This may be true but the car is also locked inside making it very hard to get into and if they don't know what is inside, they are less likely to try to steal it...Out of sight, out of mind!

Don't Risk Your Reputation & Profit On The Wrong New Car Home Delivery Option

So when it comes to delivering a new car to your customer, don't go for the cheaper option most of the time. While the car transportation method is certainly cheaper, you risk losing thousands of pounds just to save a couple of hundred on delivery.

Short journeys being driven you may get away with but always remember, if the car goes over 100 miles, the customer will probably start questioning if the car really is 'new'. They will have excellent grounds for questioning this and will be fully within their rights to return the car and expect a full refund or a brand new car.

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