How To Become A New Car Delivery Driver

New Car Delivery Driver

A new car delivery driver isn’t exactly what you might think. Based on the name, you would have to be forgiven in thinking that you may actually be driving new cars personally. The reality, though, is quite different.

Rather than driving brand new cars, you will in most cases be transporting them on a car transporter or a trailer. There are good reasons for this as explained here.

New car delivery drivers are professional drivers of a number of different vehicles whose job it is to transport a new car to its destination (most commonly the customers) in a safe and appropriate manner. This can be driven, on a transporter, trailer, covered transport, or even by ferry. We deliver vehicles offer a range of different delivery methods for new cars.

Requirements to become a new car delivery driver

  • Full UK driving license

  • If you passed after 1994, you will need to pass the trailer license as well (if using a trailer)

  • Be over 25 years old for insurance purposes

  • Have access to a car transporter

  • Many customers prefer covered car transport

  • Full DBS check

  • No more than 3 points on license

  • Excellent customer service skills

  • Willing and able to drive long distance

What to expect on the job

Long hours driving is unavoidable

Before taking on the job it should be quite obvious that the majority of your time will be spent driving. Having said that, you may not be fully prepared when going in. If you haven’t been on long distance journeys then you probably will not understand the effects it has on you both mentally and physically.

Many people will become tired, lose concentration, succumb to boredom, suffer from dead legs and just generally get fed up with driving all day. While most people get used to it, many won’t.

You will be travelling across country

The rise of online car sales has given customers the opportunity to buy cars from all over the country. This is great news for car & vehicle delivery services since business is now booming. As a new car delivery driver, you can expect to see a lot of the country on your travels.

If you love to see new places, then becoming a car delivery professional may well be the job for you. From Scotland to London, you will be given the opportunity to make a profit while travelling the nation. I remember spending the night in a hotel after dropping a car off to Cambridge. I didn’t do this out of necessity, seeing the town had always been an ambition of mine so getting a free ride there seemed almost wrong, which of course it wasn’t!

Self employment can be tough going

Finding enough work in the right locations can be incredibly difficult for self employed car delivery drivers, especially if you are using the driven method. In order to make ends meet with driven delivery, you need to drop a car off at one location and have another car nearby needing dropping off too. It can be near impossible to guarantee this while looking for your own work.

It is a similar story if you have a car transporter. Finding your own work is tough. Many big car dealerships already have suppliers and while you may get the dregs as and when needed, you may not be able to gather enough work to make your delivery company work for you.

Having said that, if you do manage to make it work then there is a lot of money to be made. All you need is one good contract and you are making a very good living. It would be advisable to first find work, then invest in a car transporter or earn your living as a

subcontractor with another delivery firm.

New car delivery driver salary

So the average rate per hour is around £13. This would make your average salary for a 40 hour week £27,000. However, there is the potential to earn far more than that. First of all, many companies will offer overtime which will leave you earning over £30,000.

The real money however is in having your own transporter. Once you have this, you can either become a subcontractor fulfilling work for another company at £1 per mile, or find your own work which is on average £1.60 – £2 per mile.

Subcontractors can easily earn over £1200 per week with some reporting £2,000 per week. It’s the same story if you can find your own work too. You will of course be doing unsociable hours in order to earn this amount but for many, it’s worth it.

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