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Updated: Oct 26, 2020

National Car Delivery In The United Kingdom

We deliver vehicles offer a truly national car delivery service to our customers. Wherever you are based in the United Kingdom, we have a car delivery option for you. We understand the difficulty of delivering your cars across country, whether it be to new customers who have just bought the car, stranded vehicles, corporate car transportation, commercial vehicle deliveries or anything else.

Car movements can be tricky locally, nevermind nationally so it is important to pick the right car transport companies that will be able to car for your transportation needs. We have a number of car delivery options available depending on your budget, volume and professional requirements.

There can be a number of factors to consider when coordinating national car delivery. For example, when taking the trip to Northern Ireland, you will need to consider which ferry would be cheapest to use since there are a few 3 seperate crossings depending on which part of the UK you are delivering from.

Example Cost Of Ferry:

We make car and vehicle delivery as simple as possible for our customers and at the best price possible, considering every facet of car delivery in order to make it as cheap as possible. Take a look at some of our options for delivery.

Different kinds of delivery options

Driven Car Delivery

The most popular and cheapest option these days is the driven car delivery method. This is a great option for companies or single customers on a budget and offers a greater amount of flexibility to have the car delivered on more specific dates and times.

Driven delivery has become an essential part of the transportation of cars and vehicles across the UK in recent years. It has become so popular that there is now the AVDVA association which is a regulatory body for driven delivery.

Here is how one of its chairmen describe the driven delivery method:

Driven delivery is often frowned upon as a cheap and risky way of transporting cars. In reality, it is a highly regulated trade and most companies have high standards for their drivers. For example, you will normally require at least 5 years driving experience and up to 3 points on your license in order to become a driven delivery driver.

Car Transporters

Car transport via transporters is the bread and butter of certain kinds of car deliveries. For example, if it's a new car, or has not done much mileage, you will likely use a transporter to keep the miles down and ensure that your customer is happy about it's condition on arrival.

These come in a couple of forms:

Single Car Transporter - A single car transporter is, as the name suggests, capable of moving one car at a time on its own. These are often used by smaller moving companies working alongside dealerships delivering their cars to customers.

Twin Deck Transporter - A transporter capable of carrying two cars at a time. One will be elevated to the ceiling while the other rests at the bottom. Perfect for small to medium companies who have to deliver more than one car to a given location.

6 Car Transporter - Generally if you have this, you will be transporting cars from the factory directly to dealerships, auto tuning companies and other larger operations.

Car Trailer Transport

We sometimes use a car trailer transportation method to deliver your vehicles. This is because we may have a large demand for vehicle movements on a specific day. Rather than turn you away, we will offer a trailer delivery option which is safe for the car and does not rack up the miles on the road.

Covered Car Transport

If you are transporting high end cars such as luxury or classic cars, a covered car transporter is usually best. This keeps the car safe in all weathers while being transported and makes it less of a target for theft. Covered car transportation is an excellent but slightly more expensive way of delivering your cars from a to b.

Why choose us for national car delivery?


We have been doing this a long time. Our logistics team and drivers have an abundance of knowledge when it comes to car delivery in the UK. Having an experienced team of people deliver your cars nationally not only keeps them in safe hands, but it also saves you money.

We can plan routes and delivery methods which are perfectly fitted for your needs. Keeping costs down is on everyone's mind in these difficult times and we ensure that you get the best possible price.

Flexible Approach To Your Delivery Needs

When picking a car delivery company, flexibility can be essential for you. You may need to cancel a delivery, pull a car back, deliver more than you thought on a certain day. We understand that your business is changeable and we strive to change our services to your requirements as they come.

Fast Turnaround

We aim to get your cars delivered as fast as possible. You don't want to have to wait around for your cars to be delivered and we don't want to keep you waiting either! Our team ensure that we can deliver your car safely most importantly, but also efficiently.

Dedicated Crew Manager

Both our drivers and yourselves will be given a dedicated crew member to ensure the smooth delivery of your vehicles. This is great for the driver as he/she feels supported but also great for you as the lines of communication are clear and transparent throughout the delivery process.

Truly National Coverage

We deliver vehicles provide off the mainland transport too. If you need a car delivering to Northern Ireland, Jersey, Guernsey, Isle Of Man, The Scottish Isles or anywhere else, we can deliver for you. This of course is a more specialised kind of delivery due to different factors but we can ensure a safe delivery of your car to anywhere in the United Kingdom.

Fully Vetted Drivers

All of our drivers are fully DBS checked and have no more than 3 points on their licenses. This keeps our reputation among the best in the company as well as gives you the peace of mind that our team of drivers are professional, reliable, hard working and honest.

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