How To Get A Car Delivered On Your Timeframe

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Get Your Car Delivered On Time

Car transportation can be a logistical nightmare for businesses and customers alike. If you have asked google 'how to get a car delivered' then you will have no doubt been greeted with a few different transportation methods.

The problem with most car transportation methods is that you will be at the mercy of the transportation company. You will have to wait for your car to be delivered when it fits into their schedule, not yours. Not only that but having your cars hauled across company is very expensive too.

So with that in mind, how do we recommend that you have your car delivered? Let's take a look.

Driven car deliveries for on time pick up and drop off

The driven car delivery method is when an experienced driver will personally take the responsibility of delivering your car straight from where it was picked up to where you need it dropping off.

It is the most flexible and cost effective method of transportation. The only times that this method may not be beneficial is for new cars, or super cars.

Driven car deliveries, unlike car transportation methods, is tailored towards that one vehicles and their customers needs. You have one driver, in one vehicle, with one deliver your car to you as fast as possible.

Compare that to a car transporter and you can easily see the benefits of driven car deliveries over car transportation. With a transporter, they have multiple cars to deliver. They will deliver whichever ones fit in with their schedules first and you won't have much communication with the driver until the car is delivered.

Car transportation is also expensive. You could be paying as much as £3 per mile as opposed to around £1.50 per mile with driven deliveries.

What about the professionalism of drivers?

We understand that this has been a problem in other driven delivery companies. We looked into it and what we found was, quite simply, it's not the drivers fault.

More often than not, the drivers are being paid very low rates for very high mileage. They aren't being given travel money back and are expected to carry on working ungodly hours through threat of losing their jobs. This naturally will have a demotivating effect on the drivers. Drivers have also been left stranded in other parts of the country with no extra money for accomodation in the past as well.

By contrast, we make sure that our drivers are paid well, even offering full time contracts when possible. Our logistics team will never put too much of a burden on them in terms of hours we know that they can't do. We have found that when you treat people well, they almost always repay you that same kindness.

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