Car Trailer Delivery In The UK

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Car Trailer Transport Delivery Service

At We Deliver Vehicles, our team can offer a number of different car delivery and transportation options. One of which is 'car trailer delivery' which consists of using a professional trailer and a suitable vehicle to tow the trailer while the car that we are delivering to our customer.

With so many other options out there, why would we use a trailer for car delivery around the United Kingdom? Well the answer is simple really. We don't always have car transporters available to deliver cars at all times. So, rather than let a customer down, we use a trailer to safely deliver the car to our customers.

There aren't any negatives from a customers standpoint in doing so as long as the car is securely fixed to the trailer. There are, however, some drawbacks for us as a company. Car trailer delivery is not something that should be done over the long term. Simple reason being, most vehicles are not made to haul cars across the country! While it's fine for short distances, using a trailer for long journeys too often won't do wonders for the vehicle carrying the car (although we accept there are exceptions to this rule, Toyota Hilux being the main one).

However since using a car trailer delivery service is something we do on occasion we feel as though it is our duty to put your mind at rest. So, let's take a look at how to safely deliver a car by trailer.

Car Trailer Transport Safety Checks

Pick The Right Trailer

Ok trailer delivery 101. The first rule of using a trailer safely while driving is to pick a professionally built one. We invest in the right trailer for, not only our customers peace of mind, but for our own too. We wouldn't want to use a sub standard trailer for delivering cars, it would be illogical.

The trailer company we choose to source our trailers from are Brian James. They have a long history of providing top quality trailer that we can rely on. If you decide to buy a trailer for the delivery of cars then we can't recommend them enough.

Limited To 60 mph

We limit our car trailer delivery vehicles to 60 mph for safety reasons. You don't want to go any faster than 50 mph but sometimes it is necessary to go a little over that limit occasionally. This is for the safety of our drivers first and foremost.

The 50 mph rule is particularly important when the weather is bad, especially in windy weather conditions. Our goal is to get the car to you safely and in one piece, we won't try to rush a job which requires patience just to get to the next job.

Use The Right Vehicle To Tow

The towing capability of a vehicle is paramount. It needs to have enough power and rigidity in order to transport a car safely. Surprisingly to some, most medium sized vans are perfect for the job. Perhaps unsurprisingly, pickup trucks such as the Toyota Hilux are the best option for towing cars on trailers.

Never try to use a car with a small engine, even if its legal. You will instantly regret it once your on the motorway. The level of concentration and patience required is always underestimated and you don't want to be in a vehicle not up to the job of transporting a car on a trailer.

We Never Go Too Long A Distance

Transporting a car via trailer over 200 miles can be dangerous. That's because it requires high levels of concentration which we lose the longer we drive. If we do go over 200 miles, the driver will have a long break in between to ensure their safety and the safety of other road users.

Going long distances will not only wear down the vehicle being used to tow but also the trailer. They have a natural limit to how many miles they can be used before needing some sort of reparation, which is another reason we don't overuse trailers.

Is Our Car Trailer Delivery Service A Good Option?

We believe that it is. Especially when you have a time critical delivery to complete. The other option is driven car delivery which has its benefits also, but our car towing delivery option ensures that you do not rack up the mileage of a car or wear the tyres in any way.

While car transportation is better from our standpoint, it isn't always an option in reality. We offer this service additionally rather than exclusively. The main thing for us is that we deliver your cars or vehicles in a timely, professional manner at a time suited for you. So whether its car transportation, driven delivery or car towing, we've got you covered.

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