Car Delivery Costs In The United Kingdom Broken Down

Updated: Jan 15

How Much Does It Cost To Deliver A Car In The UK?

Every customer and companies main question when deciding which transportation company to use is "How much does car delivery cost?". While there is no simple answer on car delivery costs when it comes to larger volumes, there is a science behind the car delivery pricing strategies.

We Deliver Vehicles try to keep our pricing down while remaining profitable which is why our team quote on an individual basis. The cost to "Deliver My Car" (Your car) will vary slightly depending on the amount of mileage, if the car is being delivered in rural or urban areas, if it is a one off delivery or not, and if you need your car delivering off the mainland. But rest assured that our team ensure that our pricing is competitive and reasonable.

How Much Does It Cost To Deliver A Car For Customers

If you are a private customer looking to get your car delivered then the pricing is pretty straightforward. The reason for that is they are normally one off customers and the destination will be from point a to b without any surprises in the middle. The only differences in cost is how you would like to have your car delivered.

First of all we want to explain that it is absolutely worth having your car delivered. The price of train tickets these days makes long journey trips quite expensive. Rather than spending your whole day picking up a car at great cost to you, why not have it delivered at around about the same amount it would have cost you to go anyway?

The price of delivery for one off customers:

Driven car delivery - £1.20 per mile

Car transporter - £1.60 per mile


cheap car delivery service

You could try shiply for keeping car delivery costs down. This website can sometimes be used effectively if you are needing a one off delivery, however the website has been inundated with cowboy car delivery companies who are both unreliable and may not have the right insurances in place.

For that reason, many people choose to use a reputable company directly instead.


OK so this is where it gets a little bit more complex. Companies can expect a discount from these usual costs for a number of reasons which we will break down one by one:


The more cars you have, the larger the discount. Naturally, working closely together and providing regular work will be rewarded with a lower cost per car being delivered. This will vary depending on the amount of cars being offered of course but the limit of how much the price can go down to is a set price of 0.70p per mile. This is when the cost of delivering cars becomes too expensive to be profitable. To get to that magical number, you would need to fit one other criteria...


Having a car at or close to (within 10 miles) of the car that has just been delivered will also mean that we could charge less for the deliveries being performed. This is simply because we aren't wasting money on fuel as well as paying the driver, or the driver using public transport if it's the driven delivery method.

Preferred method

At we deliver vehicles, we use both the driven and transporter method of delivering cars to customers. If you can be flexible about how we deliver your cars, we will discount the price. This makes our logistics much easier in the long run but if you need your cars to be transported for some reason then that is perfectly fine, but we will have to charge more because of that.

Car Delivery Cost For Companies

Now that we have that formula of volume, returns and preferred method in mind, lets predict a few scenarios to give you an idea of costs for your company.

Example 1

10 cars per month, some returns some not with only the transportation method used

In this scenario, we would likely charge around £1.30 per mile. This is based on the cars having to be transported as well as the fact that we cannot use driven drivers. In order to ensure that we can deliver your cars on time, we would need to free up the transporters on those days you need them in order to fulfill our end of the bargain.

Example 2

30 cars per month, all returns, use whatever transportation method works best

In this example we have a higher volume, all of which are returns, and you are flexible on the delivery method. We would be happy to give the biggest possible discount on this at 0.70p per mile.

Example 3

5 cars per month, no returns, only transportation method

Due to the low volume and high specifications of this particular example, we would have to charge the full amount of £1.60 per mile. Most companies understand this and feel well treated due to the transparency which earns mutual respect.

Example 4

100+ cars per month, all returns, any method you need to use, go for it!

We have never had a scenario like this but if we ever did then we would strive to make it as cheap as possible. We would hire the world's best mathematician to make sure we could get the price as cheap as possible so that both parties are mutually agreeable.

How Much Does A Dealership Charge For Delivery?

The answer to this can vary quite a bit. Some dealerships or online car sales companies will offer free delivery as part of the deal when you bought the car. You will probably have to accept the driven car delivery method though if it's free. Other dealerships will expect you to pay half while others will want the full amount.

What Carwow Says

Your price of delivery will depend on a few factors generally. How much did you pay for the car? if you paid large amounts of cash, or invested a big deposit then really the delivery should come as standard. If the car is not valued very highly monetarily, you may have to pay at least half the delivery cost and in many cases the full amount will be charged.

Does the car delivery cost change if travelling through London?

The cost of delivery will go up if we have to pick up or collect a car from certain parts of London. This is due to the cities own charges which simply cannot be avoided.

If we work closely with you then our logistics team will of course offer the cheapest possible solution based on your delivery requirements. For example, if you have 5-10 cars a week that we deliver for you and only a couple are in London then we would be happy to front the cost.

London Charges Explained

London Charges Explained

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